The Audioventure

Check out my latest video game project, a playlist-themed game in which I composed a theme for the places “Beach”, “Party”, and “Through the clouds”.

Game Jams

I have participated on game jams that have lasted anytime between 48 hours to one week. I have done music and/or sound effects for all of these games. These games are free to play and most feature more than one composer.

Gourd Getaway

My track is on the last two levels of the game.


There are three composers on this track, and our tracks play randomly.


I did the main menu music and all the sfx on this game.

Bob the Bomber

Was responsible for all music and sfx on this game.

Boomerang attack

I did all the music and sfx on this game, as well as gave most of the ideas to create this game.


I did the music for the main game.

Lost colors

I did all music/sfx.

Lastly, you can check out more of my video game inspired compositions by going to my SoundCloud: