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Dive into the vibrant world of music curated by a skilled Puerto Rican composer, arranger, producer, and pianist. Here, passion and expertise harmonize to create captivating melodies that leave an everlasting impression.

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As you navigate through this page, you’ll embark on a sonic adventure featuring a diverse array of musical projects. From electrifying EDM compositions to soul-stirring remakes and innovative sound design, each piece showcases my dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical creativity.

video game composition

Check out my latest projects, including "Elemdian", "The audioventure", and "Boricuas".


Experience in recording and mixing music, film, and radio segments.


Featuring vocal and string arrangement in recently released EP "Fables" by Tales of Adler.


  • Music Composition
  • Orchestral Mockup
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Score Preparation
  • Music Production
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Film Mixing
  • Location Recording
  • Dialogue Recorder/Editor
  • Sound Design

Upcoming Projects

  • Film “The Wait”, where I did recording, mixing, mastering, sound design and original music
  • Original music for upcoming films “Feathers and Wax” and “The Opening”

  • Original jazz single “Newburry Street” coming in June

  • Recording and mixing of upcoming films

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