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“Fables” EP

Tales of Adler plays with themes of contrition, sin, belief, familial love and the specter of death that looms at the periphery (or sometimes center) of most songs. Sonic inspiration is drawn chiefly from The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Lord Huron and Simon & Garfunkel. Within this amazing EP, you’ll find my arrangements spanning vocals, strings, piano, drums, bass, and flute.

Berklee Projects

Through Berklee, I have made arrangements, remixes, transcriptions, sound-likes and mockups  for different types of instruments and styles. For the arrangements, I haven’t only learned to make sheet music for them in a professional matter, but I’ve also recorded and edited all the audio below.

Berklee Projects
Oceanos Hillsong
We Don't Talk Anymore
Don't You Worry About a Thing

In addition to these arrangements, I have arranged for big shows at Berklee. Here are the video from those arrangements:

Jobs Done

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