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Musical Theater

“Will Wilson Saves The World”

Based on a real person, the musical explores a World-War 2 veteran, and his granddaughter, fighting the same enemy at different points in time. After doing a table reading in 2021, and a concept cast album in 2022, the musical was presented at the New Works festival in New York on March 26, 2023. Check out the concept cast album below!

“Bathroom Breakup”

I have made a musical, called Bathroom Breakup, of just three songs about two girls on elementary school fighting over a boy. 

 On the first song, she enters the bathroom, and goes through her TikTok only to see her ex making a new TikTok with another girl, which is his new girlfriend. She starts singing of the shock.

In the second song, she enters the bathroom and they start fighting about him.

In the third song, another girl enters the bathroom and tells them to not fight over a boy, that there are more important things out there than fight for a boy. And the story ends there.

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